Privacy Policy

I. Legal Privacy for Mobile Application Users

1. Protection of Users Confidentiality

PP Info Marketing Co.,Ltd hereinafter called (“PP Info”, “We” or “Us”), in the name of owner of the GivAngel product and our website at (“the Website”).We make our trustful commitment that we keep your privacy information very confidential. We do understand users concern about their privacy and how their requested information will be used and allocated, and therefore we guarantee that all your provided information is safely stored and will only be used for our internal data analysis without publicly sharing. We do strictly comply with this Privacy Policy. The scope of this Terms and Privacy Policy cover the use of GivAngel Mobile Application and our website, hereinafter called (the “Mobile Product”) and/or (the “Services”).

2. Personal and Non Personal Information

To clearly understand our privacy practices, you are strongly recommended to read this Privacy Policy carefully. All your collected personal information (“Personal Information”) and Non-Personal information ("Non Personal Information”) of those using the GivAngel Mobile Application (the “Mobile Product”) is strictly governed by this Privacy Policy.

3. User Consent to Use GivAngel Application

By ticking the consent box available on our GivAngel Mobile Application and/or using our products or services, users are supposed to have their consent to this Privacy Policy and agreed that this Privacy Policy controlling over our collection, sharing and the use of your Personal and Non Personal Information. Please do not install the GivAngel Mobile Application if your do not agree to this Privacy Policy or uninstall the Mobile Product immediately if you has mistakenly installed it without consent to this terms of Privacy Policy. For further inquiries or comments, please contact us at

II. How We Collect Data

We may use Google Analytics to collect and process certain users engagement when user/s clicking on our Mobile Application features, we will be able to know, for instance how many user are exploring the Home, Store, Snap, Rewards, or searching nearby people.

III. Why We Collect Data

1. To increase credibility of application value in mobile

Since the data enable the company to generate more value of the application in mobile, we collect data from Personal and/or Non Personal information as much as possible to get to know the overall audience of the GivAngel and this data will also be used to develop,evaluate, improve and deliver our Product and Services to users and thus we may offer more services or rewards from our advertisers to users.

2. To reach more targeted audience

GivAngel is a cost-effective advertising platform that makes the advertisers efficiently reach more targeted audience. To avoid irrelevant ads, GivAngel enables ads you receive on your smartphone or tablet to be more relevant to you and properly fits with the designated audience.

3. Companies improve quality of products and services

By knowing who their audience is, what they want the most, and their interest, company will be able to improve their product to satisfy their customers while accumulating their products sale volume, and at the same time companies can increase their revenues.

4. Manage Account

We use, process and/or analyze the collected Personal and Non-Personal information about you to manage your account and we may use your contact information so as our customer service will be able to communicate with you from time to time and deliver better responses to any quirie from you and deliver a better GivAngel products and/or services to our users.

IV. Mobile Product “GivAngel”

1. Third Parties

The GivAngel Product contains Software Development Kit (SDK) to collect Mobile Device data. We are not responsible for the use by any third party of any Personal Information you may provide to the third party through GivAngel Application. Please review the privacy policy of the third party prior to sharing your Personal Information with any third party.

2. Automatically Collected Information

When using our Mobile Product, your Non-Personal information are automatically and selectively collected by our web server, the selected information includes operating system you are running and your IP address, profile information, mobile device you use, the IP address of your mobile device. We use the data for diagnosing the Mobile Product problems, tracking usage and improving quality of our Mobile Application Services.

3. Targeted Ads

To ensure that advertising information appearing on users mobile device is users relevant and preference, we collect from users of our Mobile Product and particularly sum up those containing general demographic information of users and give to third parties (advertisers). The aforesaid information consists of no specific Personal information which individually identifies users’ Personal information.

4. Log In

In order to login to access GivAngel Application, you will have few options to choose whether to login using your mobile phone number or to link to Facebook account or Google Plus. By authorizing GivAngel Mobile Application to access your Facebook account or Google Plus, you acknowledge that your Personal and/or Non Personal information on your Facebook profile including but limited to your likes and interests will be collected.

5. Notifications

Notifications will be provided on the accumulation of GivAngel Rewards Points and conversions of GivAngel Rewards Points across countries, collection of prizes and lucky draws and/or redemption of rewards concerning to users participation. And in the near future in order to effectively meet users’ and merchants’ needs and satisfaction, GivAngel is subject to broaden its coverage upto Cross-Border services in terms of notifications, Points collection and/or accumulation, prizes and/or lucky draws and/or rewards redemption.

6. Maintain Rewards Information

History of your rewards earning, saving and claiming is accurately tracked and recorded on a regular basis.

7. Promotion Materials

When you register a profile, by ticking the consent box on our Mobile Application, you may receive promotional materials via email,direct mail,telephone or other channels such as text messaging, Facebook and Instagram in relations to (the “Mobile Product”) and/or (the “Services”), by ticking the consent box it implies that you allow us to send such promotional materials to you and on the other hand, you may choose not to receive any promotional material by opt out.

6. Opt-Out of Information Collection

You may be able to choose either to continue or end the data collection at any stage by just simply uninstalling GivAngel Mobile Application from your mobile device.

V. Disclosure and Sharing of Information

Users are very important part of our business, we treat our users special and we respect them and their concern about disclosure of their collected information data. Therefore we have always kept in our mind that we committed to maintaining users’ confidentiality by not sharing, renting, or selling their collected information data to any other party beside those mentioned in this Privacy Policy as following:

  • We may share users’ information to our Service providers dealing on behalf of GivAngel, with a very strict prohibition that they are not allowed to reuse, resell, reshare, or re-rent users’ information to the third party on any irrelevant purpose.
  • We may use your Facebook data to retarget GivAngel content to make it particularly relevant to you and we make sure that your Facebook data is not shared by us to any irrelevant third party.

VI. Links to other sites

GivAngel Mobile Application may be linked to other sites or pages or accounts on other social media sites or services, including Facebook. Therefore, information you share on those social media may comply with terms of Privacy Policy of those social media sites or services.

Users aware of the fact that when you click any of the advertisers on a Mobile Application, your device may also be tracked by advertisers of those social media sites or services. To this context we are not responsible for any leak of your information caused by any irrelevant third party.

VII. Chat to people nearby

Our mapping and location-based services GivAngel Chat feature enable you to communicate with people nearby. By clicking on the search tool at the bottom right of the GivAngel Mobile Application, you can chat with people nearby. To use this chat tool, users may need to switch on their location. You are able to view chat history including people you chatted with and the time, duration of your voice chat. The information we collect in the course of you using our chat feature such as certain Location Data and all the aforementioned data will strictly be used within this Privacy Policy only. We do not store your Log Data of communicate.

VIII. Mobile App Online Activities Tracking

GivAngel tracks users online activities within purposes stated in this Privacy Policy only when you are online. Once you are offline or leave GivAngel Mobile Application, we are not able to track or collect your data information immediately.

IX. Security

As mentioned above in this Privacy Policy, GivAngel has taken measures to strongly protect users’ personal Information that their confidentiality is highly secured.​ We store your personal information in a very safe and secured database on a protective server by limiting access to such information only to GivAngel employees who are specifically assigned to work on this specific task.

Nevertheless, in terms of physical and electronic security system, we do not tend to warrant our server or database security and we do not guarantee if your information is not blocked during the process of Internet transmission.

If your feel that your password has been stolen, please promptly change your password or report to us at

It is noteworthy that PP Info Marketing is a Non-governmental Organization. We are independent from government body.

X. Changes to our Privacy Policy

To some degrees, this Privacy Policy may be subject to changes at some point in the future. In case if there is anything changed in this Privacy Policy, we will add to our Privacy Policy with Effective Date that the changes will be taken place.

The continuation of using GivAngel Application, it is supposed that you agree with the modified terms of Privacy Policy.